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The Center for Locative Media

What happens when people experience narratives and media in place? What happens when media is contextualized with location? When history, personal narrative, and place are interwoven?

The Center for Locative Media works with different cultural and educational communities to enable the creation, delivery, and distribution of narrative histories of people and places using emerging and locative technologies.

Locative Media, like its technology, is emerging; but as with all community engagement, it has its roots in the the importance of story, the value of place, and the use of technologies old and new. To that end, we are pleased to partner in this amazing project

Blog entry February 4, 2010
About City Centered: A Festival of Locative Media and Urban Community
June 11–13 & 19, 2010

Recent exhibitions, festivals and conferences across the US and in Europe have taken wireless networks, public space, locative media and urban environments as sites of intervention, creativity, and critique. Formulated within the emerging context of networked urbanism and mobile media, City Centered: A Festival of Locative Media and Urban Community will focus upon dynamics of the shifting, locative, cartographic and social space of the city. It is organized by educational, arts, community-based and civic organizations and asks how locative media can act as a platform and venue for community-led expression.

From within San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, this festival will celebrate the rich possibilities that art and technology offer for urban communication of place and place-based media. City Centered focuses on the use of locative media and wireless technologies for site-specific and neighborhood-based interventions. Artists, designers, architects, community and cultural workers —people, places, and devices — will meet for four days of street-side celebration, public exhibitions, a symposium, and workshops. The festival seeks new work aligned with the themes of creative mapping, urban storytelling, sentient space, body awareness, local history, contested spaces and gaming.

Sponsored by:
Berkeley Center for New Media
Center for Locative Media
City of San Francisco
Conceptual Information Arts/Art Dept/San Francisco State University
Gray Area Foundation for the Arts
KQED, Public Media, San Francisco

Full proposal and more information at GAFFTA

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