Corporate Housing Options for Short-Term Expenses

Corporate housing is a rather ambiguous term in the moving relocation industry which means renting out a pre-arranged apartment, condominium, or house on a temporary basis rather than an extended stay hotel or even a conventional hotel. This type of arrangement is more akin to renting an apartment or even an office space to an individual or small business. In contrast, corporate housing tends to refer to large resorts, hotels, and other similar establishments. The reason for this distinction is due to the fact that corporate housing tends to be booked far in advance due to the nature of its use, whereas hotel rooms tend to be available on-site and are occasionally subject to change depending on peak season.

corporate housing

Best corporate housingĀ 

Depending on the needs and requests of the clientele, corporate housing can be of various types. Some corporate housing options are serviced apartments, condos, and houses in many forms such as town homes, single family units, and apartments. Serviced apartments provide all the basic services of an apartment such as: ample parking, cooking facilities, laundry facilities, fully equipped washer/dryer, central heat/air, cable television, and telephone. Serviced apartments are often located close to important business centers and the like in order to make it easier for their clients to get to work while they live somewhere and to be closer to their home base when they need to go out for personal affairs.


One of the most popular corporate housing types in the metropolitan areas is short-term apartments which can usually be booked for as little as a week or sometimes less. These are furnished apartments with all the comforts of home including cable television, internet access, and room service, but are arranged in a short period of time. In many cases, these short-term apartments may be booked for as little as one night which allows travelers to save money because the utilities are included. Many short-term corporate housing apartments are designed to be more affordable to travelers than the more permanent long-term hotel rooms, and the average stay is only about two nights.