About Rory Scott

Rory Scott is an innovative entrepreneur and software engineer who works in the field of Locative Media. He has a passion for building technology that can bridge the physical world with digital experiences.

Rory graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science, and he quickly began working in the tech industry after graduating. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

In 2015, Rory joined a startup called Locative Media to help develop groundbreaking technology that could turn any physical space into an interactive experience. Using GPS technology combined with augmented reality and virtual reality, Locative Media allows customers to use their phones to navigate indoors as if they were outdoors. The technology also provides powerful analytics about how people interact with physical places.

Since joining Locative Media, Rory has become one of its leading engineers. He’s created several popular apps for the company that enhance customer experiences in locations such as museums, shopping malls, and sports venues. He has also worked on projects to develop smart city sensors that can detect traffic patterns and provide valuable insights into urban areas.

Ultimately, Rory’s work has helped bring locative media to more people around the world and unlock new possibilities for how we can interact with our environment. His contributions have been recognized by organizations like IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and he was recently nominated for a TechCrunch award for his work on Locative Media’s apps.

In his free time, Rory enjoys hiking and exploring nature near his home in California’s Bay Area region. He also loves playing video games and spending time with friends at LAN parties or video game tournaments.

Rory is a firm believer in the power of technology to help build a better world. He has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives, including helping to fund disadvantaged students in San Francisco and developing tools to help those affected by natural disasters. He also volunteers his time mentoring younger students who are interested in software engineering and entrepreneurship.

Rory’s work has been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He is an inspiring example of how powerful technology can be when used to create meaningful experiences for people in all walks of life.