Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Pavers Cairns

The charm of Cairns and the beauty of the coastal path system between the North and South Islands of Australia are best experienced by walking on the polished black sand of Pavers Cairns! It is truly a magnificent experience, with stunning views across the sandy beach and pavers that add to the effect. The pavers of Pavers Cairns are the remnants left from the old railway line that was used for transporting freight from the ports to the island. These natural pavers are hand put together by local surfers and artists from the area to create this stunning surfacing for visitors to Cairns and the Gold Coast.

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The pavers cairns paving is not only a practical means of passing the time during your stay in Cairns, it is also a way to create a unique look that can enhance the look of any outdoor area. The pavers are hand put together by a team of local artist and surfers and you will be amazed at the different textures and colours that they offer to the passing public as well as to your property. There are many different types of pavers cairns, each with their own unique look that makes them a worthwhile investment. The colors that are offered are extremely rich and the patterns of these pavers are unique, so you will love the way they make your outdoor area looks.

The pavers cairns are put together and stained by a team of local artists using the sandstone pavers as well as other natural materials such as shell stone and lava stone. When you see the beautiful, natural beauty of these tiles you want to know more about them so that you can see just how they were created and where they come from. Sandstone pavers are put on top of the sand and then they are tumbled into the cement for a perfect blend of color and texture. When you see the sealer that is used on the pavers, you will realize just how old they are and just how great these tiles are for use outdoors or in your yard.

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