How to Get Fit For a Long Jump Pit Competition

A Long Jump Pit is a special type of basketball court surface consisting of a big doughy area where players jump off the running ramp onto the basketball hoop. The basketball is usually set up in a circle with two free-throw lines, one on each side of the court. The other two corners are guarded by cones that stretch out to allow for easy slam dunking. While you may think this type of basketball court surface is a joke, it was actually invented in the UK for a competitive jumper contest held annually. Read more

Long Jump Landing Pit.

This competition draws a huge crowd because it’s an all-out affair – every last element of the game is catered for. This means that not only do athletes have to be quick and agile, they must also be able to putt with the best of them – literally. The Long Jump Pit UK held annually takes this to the next level. Competitors need to be able to run with the bounce, jump high enough to clear the cones and then cart the ball back down to end up landing perfectly in the basket. There are 10 venues around the UK where these events take place and each one is designed to test the skills of the competitors in different ways.

One of the most famous Long Jump Pit UK venues is at Chester Racecourse, near Warfield. The venue is designed in the classic British style with grass courts, which give you the necessary bounce to help you achieve your goals. Each day there are various events, including a heated outdoor heats and an indoor running track. For those who love a challenge but don’t necessarily feel they can master the physical aspect of jumping, there are half-day courses which allow you to practice and improve your skills at home. For a really high-performance experience though, there are the grandstands where you can watch the competitors jump, dive and drive their trucks through the course.

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