Discovering The Nature Of A Tantra School

To understand tantra better one must first visit a tantra school. This type of learning is distinctively different from conventional academic learning and this is the reason it has gained popularity over the years. A tantra school is a specialized institution that instructs its pupils in the art of sexual techniques, rituals and philosophies through four modules known as ‘the four pillars of yoga’. These include energy work, yoga, chakras and yama or ethical codes followed by yogic practitioners. Check out –

The Ultimate Guide To Tantra School

The rare spiritual school that I know of is called Ashtanga Yoga. This school is instructed in a simple and highly refined form of the yogic sciences and has gained much popularity in the west for its popularity as a health and fitness program. This school originated from the Indian ashrams and has a high standard of physical and mental discipline. It incorporates yoga into a fast-paced program that takes roughly 2 hours for each class. Unlike a regular yogic school, this one follows only six asanas that are the most important part of the yoga practice.

This particular tantra school also incorporates the rare and unique practice of personalized instruction. The founder of this school, B.K.S. Nanda, was an ashram master who practiced yoga and meditation in order to help overcome ailments and illnesses that afflict his students. He introduced this innovative method of teaching to individuals who were seeking personal and customized guidance and he continues to spread this innovative way of teaching around the world.

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