How to Create a Car Speed Detector With Arduino and an IR Sensor

How to create a Car Speed Detector with Arduino and IR sensor. This project is based on the idea of the car radar detector. The main idea of this project is to use the radio frequencies of your car as input into the program of your IR sensor. It will automatically detect any speed that is faster than your preset limit.

Revolutionize Your Car Speed Detector With These Easy-peasy Tips

Materials: First, you will need the two IR LEDs and a couple of arguing Uno’s and the software that you intend to use to run your car speed detector project. I’m using a great application called Sensor dot which comes free with your arguing. Just search “Sensor dot” on Google or download it from the arduino website and install it. It will be helpful for you during the installation process.

Prepare your car for the installation by removing the windshield wipers. The reason is that the infrared sensors don’t work well in rainy weather or if the windshield wipers are present. After that, connect the sensors to the computer with the USB cable and install the software. Then, attach the two IR LEDs and the resistors to the circuit board and the computer. You should see your car speed getting detected and all you have to do is to monitor the sensor to see whether it can sense the speed that your car reaches.

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