PASMA Training

pasma training

PASMA training covers a wide range of topics. These include component identification, assembly criteria, stability, and hazard analysis. Training also includes assessment. The latter involves a written test and a practical test involving erecting a tower and checking the equipment. Passing the written test is important for demonstrating competency and knowledge of equipment standards and legal issues. Upon successful completion of PASMA training, the trainee is eligible to apply for the PASMA certificate. Check out

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Safety is paramount in the construction industry, as it involves a lot of risks and complexity. Regulations and standards set the boundaries of a safe working environment and legislative best practices. Understanding and following regulations is essential to ensure compliance with these standards. PASMA training helps employees develop a bank of knowledge and develop an appropriate mindset to prevent mistakes at various stages of the construction process. This training also provides the skills necessary to avoid costly accidents and ensure that employees’ health and safety are at the top of their priority lists.

PASMA training covers the safe use of mobile access towers and other low-level access equipment. The course covers the safe erecting and disassembling of mobile scaffold towers and is suitable for individuals who need to be certified for this work. There are various PASMA training courses available and the selection process is easy. To choose the most suitable course for you, call 02392 123 555. There is no minimum age for completing a course.

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