Understanding An Aluminium Fabrication Business

It may sound a bit technical, but the concepts of aluminium fabrication and design are actually very simple. Aluminium is a metal and in fact it has been a metal since the beginning of time and the oldest known piece of aluminium is known to man’s present day technology is from the dinosaur era. The word ‘aluminium’ first appears in reference to metal working in the mid-nineteenth century, and since then aluminium has gone through numerous evolutions and advancements. It has become increasingly important and valuable on a global scale, making its application in the construction industry growing constantly.

The Understanding An Aluminium Fabrication Business That Wins Customers

aluminium fabrication


Aluminium fabrication in the fabrication industry is all about combining various aluminium components into one complete, functioning piece. The raw materials used in this process are mostly steel bars (or sheets) and pipes (hence ‘aluminium piping’) but raw aluminium is also used if other materials or shapes are more applicable. When all the components are together, they are manually directed and cut into the required size by hand or using mechanical tools – these components then undergo a process known as bending, which is essentially the process of heating the aluminium under pressure, to create the precise shape or feature. This bending is an important part of the fabrication process because if it is not exact, the final piece will be unstable and the entire structure may collapse.

A great attraction to the aluminium fabrication industry is that unlike other parts of the construction and fabrication industry, it can offer both cost effective solutions and fast turnarounds due to its unique properties. The turning, cutting and shaping of aluminium is done without the use of any dangerous chemicals, which greatly reduces health risk and worker fatigue. The most commonly used tools for aluminium fabrication are CNC machines or computer numerical controlled machineries. With the use of computers and CNC machinery, aluminium fabrication companies are able to significantly reduce their turnarounds time and also increase their production rates.

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