The Portable Oxygen Concentrators

There are two types of portable oxygen concentrators available, the first being a battery operated unit and the second being an electronic unit. Typically, a person would purchase the electronic type because it is easier to operate and more convenient to carry around. To use the portable oxygen concentrators, simply place the device near your patient’s mouth and turn it on, providing the required oxygen supply.

Per Minute Oxygen Concentrators

A portable oxygen concentrator is a special medical device which helps deliver supplementary oxygen treatment to those with low levels of oxygen within their blood. These patients need higher oxygen concentration than obtainable in normal atmospheric air. In order to meet these needs, it is necessary for the patient to be treated with supplementary oxygen. However, these patients usually cannot carry their own supply of the gas to provide this service and often rely on the ability of their loved ones to provide this service on their behalf.

To use the portable oxygen concentrators, you first have to set the level of oxygen that you wish to provide. Once this has been established, you then simply attach the pulse dose valve to the tank and place your patient’s forehead close to the valve. This positioning will ensure that the pulse dose valve receives adequate blood flow to function properly. After a brief wait, the valve should open and give you a sufficient amount of pure oxygen. If the valve does not open sufficiently, you should check the level of the battery pack and replace it if necessary.

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